Swift High Performance

Leverage Swift and enhance your code to take your applications to the next level

Take your Swift knowledge to the Next level.

You’ll Learn:

  • Build solid, high performance applications in Swift.
  • Disassembling and analysing Swift and its Assembly code.
  • Use to Xcode LLBD and REPL to debug commands.
  • Avoid sharing resources by using concurrency and parallel programming.
  • Understand the lazy loading pattern, lazy sequences, and lazy evolution.
  • Explore Swift's features including its static type system, value objects, and functional programming.
Swift High Performance Book
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Kostiantyn Koval

About the Author

I Love Swift :)

Kostiantyn Koval is a passionate developer with 5 years of experience. All the time, his main passion and work has been building iOS applications.

So far, he has built many different applications, including games, enterprise apps, and big platforms. He fell in love with Swift the first minute he saw it, and keeps expressing this to the rest of the world.

Other than iOS, he is also interested in technologies and languages such as Scala, Clojure, LLVM, Ruby, JavaScript, and others.

He loves open source and blogging. You can find him on GitHub and his blogs at Medium and his Website. Other places to contact him is Twitter as @KostiaKoval.